Dahi wali roti , the tenderness of each bite with hint of coarinder and chili make your meal even more delicious. Not surprisingly this is a famous trend to serve with your spicy gravies at many restaurants in Delhi. Recently i came across this recipe at my friend Nidhi’s blog who is a brilliant blogger. Here is the  to the original recipe.

I have made a little change to the original recipe ,skipped baking soda and increased the resting time to ferment naturally. With the roti i enjoyed keema that cooked in peshawari style.



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Dahi wali Roti
  1. In a bowl mix flour,chilies,chopped coriander ,salt.Before dealing with green chili, oil your finger or wear gloves.Now add curd and knead to a soft dough. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave for an hour. Divide the dough into 10-12 ball.
  2. Roll each ball into a round disc of 1/2'' thickness (No matter if it's not a perfect round !!) Transfer the disc to the hot griddle and cook one side till you see small bubbles forming at a medium flame.Flip the side and cook it for 1-2 minutes till it is done.Apply ghee and cook both side well .
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