All that a little appreciation, a small write-up about ‘MyCookingCanvas’ give me immense happiness and boost up my energy to another level.Those motivate me more and more every time.

Few links are here

  1. 13th March 2018 ,Featured on “Deccan Herald”,Bangalore edition. My Cooking Canvas
  2.  Interviewed by HotFridaysTalks, a New age Lifestyle and Entertainment portal
  3. Interviewed by MyCityLinks , a popular e-magazine from Odisha
  4. 24th March 2018 ,Featured on “Deccan Herald”,Bangalore edtion.MyCookingCanvas
  5. Featured on 15th March 2018 on Indian Express
  6. Featured on January 2018 .Here is the complete article if you have missed to buy a copy           
  7. 21st December 2017 , featured with fellow bloggers for a Christmas Desserts Article at Deccan Herald ,Bangalore edition
  8. On 15th May 2017 there was a mention at Deccan Herald ,Bangalore edition along


6.Nov 2016 , a mention at Deccan Herald Bangalore.


7.On 14th Oct 2016 there was a mention at Deccan Herald ,Bangalore edition along with my Beet-Egg Deviled Egg Pic.

8.On 12th Aug 2016 ,there was a mention at Deccan Herald ,Bangalore edition..My view on Varalakshmi Puja…9. On 26th July 2016 ,featured on one of the leading Newspaper In India


10. On 28th July 2016 ,featured on New-Delhi edition.

11. Featured on leading Newspaper “Indian Express”,Bangalore ,2013.



Sai Priya, who started Lady’s Phinger three months ago, was similarly encouraged by fans of her traditional cooking.

She experiments with her food and says that her whole sweet jaggery cake with organic ingredients has been a big hit with the health conscious. “People who generally prefer vegan cakes splurge on plum cakes during Christmas, since they have guests over for celebrations,” said Priya, who quit her job to focus on her true passion, cooking. Apart from cakes, whose fruits are soaked in brandy for a month, her minced pies and apple pies are other favourites for Christmas brunch.


9. Won a Food Photography & Food-Styling Contest at PlatterShare

What the Judge told me about my Winning Pic …

Sai Priya‘s food picture – “Beautiful warm festive palette. The colours come together really well, and the styling is warm and inviting. The rose petals add just the right touch!”

10.Won Food Photography Contest at Photofie .


What the Judge told me about my Winning Pic ..

“This tells a story about the cake. Gives you an idea of how the whole bundt cake would have looked, plus a cross section with a slice. That half has gone suggests that it was delicious, and is being eaten up fast. I really like the almost monochromatic co”

12. My Recipe got featured at BhubaneswarBuzz

13.My three recipe got featured on Chef Ajay Chopra website

14.My recipe “Mango Pudding” got featured at Rediff

15. Won a Holi event 2015 which was judged by Master-Chef Joseph Rozario

16.Another Achievement at

I won #MYMangoRecipe contest

17.I won Onam contest in Sep 2016 for Odiya traditional dish “Dalma”..Here is the link to the contest page

18. I won Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Contest at in May 2016.

My Cooking Canvas

19. My dish “pickled-beet-eggs“stood first among 300+ participants in the contest “The Recipe You are Most Proud Of” in Sep 2016.


21.Won 1st prize at BetterButter Indian-Desserts Contest for “Chennapoda” recipe

22. Won a contest at Tea-Box for my “Pear Up-side Down Cake With Winter Spice Chai”

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