Sorghum Crackers

Sorghum Crackers ( Gluten-free )

Life is not finding yourself ,it’s about Creating Yourself..These Gluten-free Sorghum Crackers are one of those good food that creates good memories. These Sorghum Crackers are vegan too.So much goodness in each crunchy bite. Make a pretty good amount as these can be stored for […]

Overnight-buckwheat are rich in fiber and Antioxidants in every bite improving digestion.


Overnight-buckwheat are rich in fiber and Antioxidants in every bite improving digestion. Life is so easy ,so cool ..You will think such beautiful things while you  enjoy this nutritious filling overnight Buckwheat. In your busy weekdays it gonna save your time.All you need is to […]

we simple ignore those super-food that our grand-parents been using.Such a super-food is Garden cress seed,that have been recognized for centuries in India.

The Super Food Garden Cress

It is very important to know your food to obtain all the benefits attached & at the same time to satisfy ever-growing quench for hunger. The gulit for eating junk food is always ended with skipping essential meal on the next day. People doing this always have their own logic to explain, many tell they are just doing the balancing job for that extra fat & calories they gulp with a piece of burger , huh !! what a joke .. I am a big fan of Rujuta Diwekar ,who precisely give importance to our traditional food . Don’t follow…

Try this stuffed bitter-gourd recipe to reap the reward of this unusual gourd.Bitter-gourd starve cancerous cells in the liver, colon, breast, or prostate.

Stuffed Bitter-gourd

As a child i used to dislike bitter-gourd .But Mom never allowed me to escape from having this ..In an easy way i always gulped down everything with lot of water . A happy Mom at this sight !! Now it’s been part of my food routine. I prefer to have raw juice in morning too.Sometime i make a glass of juice adding one cucumber ,one tomato to two bitter-gourd. This particular juice helps you to control your blood pressure with diabetic . Bitter melon disrupt the production of glucose,so it’s highly beneficial for diabetic patient. Bitter melon may also…

Morniga flower ,do you know they are edible .Moringa Flower Fritter are crunchy and delicious packed with nutritious value.

Edible Moringa Flower Fritter / Sajana Phulara Bara

Morniga flower ,do you know they are edible ? Those look so pretty hanging in bunches from a Moringa Tree.  The view is eye-catching when you see them from a distance. A common sight in Odisha. Lucky me .And you can make Moringa-flower-fritter too. Experiment word […]