Fried Wheat Crackers

Whole Wheat Mathri / Fried Wheat Crackers

These Wheat Mathri are crunchy savory bites. You can call them fried-cookie.They are perfect for any festive celebration. A spiced snack which can be paired with a cup of Tea too. You will enjoy making these fried-cookies.Unlike my previous Diwali Snack, this wheat mathri can’t be […]

Keema Guguni Recipe

Kolkata Style Keema Guguni Recipe

Hello, September.The convivial fragrance of Durga Puja fills the air.The most awaited festival for a Bengali.I can never overcome the nostalgia for my days spent in the city of joy, Kolkata during Puja last year. This Keema Guguni has all that charm to revive that. […]

Alo-Pyaz Kachori

Alo-Pyaz Kachori / Rajasthan Street Food

A hot and steamy Alo-Pyaz Kachori on any day can make your  taste buds burn by shear hotness oil and the special combination of mint chutney. Alo-Pyaz Kachori is a famous street food from the land of Marwar. I remember my trip to the pink […]

Dal vada

Dal Vada

These are crispy Dal vada from the street of Bangaluru ,my second home 🙂 These vadas are a popular street-snack from south-India. Those were my favorite evening snack with a cup of chai at Office .I don’t like Maida stuff much ,so these kind of lentil based fried items satisfy me more. The weather is changing and there is a pleasant chill in the air . ” Happiness is in the air, It’s Deepavali everywhere.


Jalebi/ Indian-spiral crispy dessert

People having that Big Sweet tooth hardly think twice before popping a ladoo or two into their mouth.A lover for sweet can easily be spoilt for choice in this land of sweet. You can notice any traditional meal is incomplete without a sweet dish, that’s how fragrances of sweets are deeply entrenched into the Indian psyche. “Jalebi” which is a fried sweet soaked generously in sugar syrup has no doubt can hit your calorie parameter up but it’s difficult to resist when you come across them . And in some part of the country people even enjoy this at the…

"Piaji" that is what we call Onion Fritters in Odiya language. It's a perfect evening snack to go with a glass of Nimbu Chai .

Onion Fritters

“Piaji” that is what we call it in local language. It’s a perfect evening snack to go with a glass of Nimbu Chai .My sister always demands whenever she is at Mom’s place. After marriage she became an expert cook too 🙂 These fritters were must when friends at home on weekend evenings… Chai ,Pakoda and a long chitchat !! And there was always a scuffle for the last piece in the plate . Missed those days… Note :If you are using Mustard oil ,then to get rid of pungency heat it twice.