PaperBoat Chilli Guava

I so wish I could step back in time reliving those childhood carefree moments again,
but life unfortunately doesn’t work that way. It makes me giggle when me & my sister Jaya talks about those days. I was getting so nervous after each those mischievous things while watching Jaya say something snappy to Mom . Those silly crazy fights , singing together “Jungle Book” … making promises to share your part of sweet next time … These memories make me cry sometimes and make laugh sometimes. As a child we all are unaware of the outer world complexity and always lost in our own dream land. 90’s kids were not having Mobile phone or a tablet to play ,so we had really enjoyed our time playing together , sharing tiffin-box in schools ,helping friends in doing homework… The best part is that when you got to meet your cousins in summer vacation ,Do you remember building tents with chairs, sofa pillows, and sheets? It was like our territory that no one could enter without our permission..I still laugh how we were fighting too on silly things 🙂 Sunday cartoon on Doordarshan Channel always been waited eagelry , playing with colors in drawing class ..getting punished by teacher if found whispering to your bestie 🙂
Childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to … May be that’s the reason why i was so fascinated by
that pack of Kalakhatta Drink by PaperBoat when i had saw it first time in a mall just two year back in Bangalore.They not only make delicious drink but their effort is to refresh those sweetest childhood memories that somehow fades as we grow old. Thanks to PaperBoat team for associating with Lady’sPhinger recently and making me a part of their review programme. And two days back i received a cute box with Chilli Guava drink packs.