Chili-Mango Pickle

It’s time to quench your thirst with king of fruits “mangoes” .I just love it in any size & form. It’s such a versatile fruit which can be paired to many.Mango season starts before spring on the arrival of green-mangoes in local market. It’s a […]

Pickled Beet-eggs

Pickling is the process of expanding the lifespan of food usually combined with another method, such as fermenting, canning, or just refrigerating. My Granny is a pickle Master ,so as my Mom.This year Mom made around 8 variety of pickle using Mango, king of fruits. The traditional way of making pickle in India takes a lot of efforts in which sun-drying process plays a vital role .Then adding the right amount of freshly grounded spices, mustard oil results a flavorsome pickle to relish throughout the year. In some part of India pickling of Meat and prawn is quite popular. A…