Banana Millet Cake

Banana Millet Cake

I simply can’t ignore my family’s predilection for banana-cake. To make it more healthier ,I added jowar flour to it. A fresh baked cake straight from the oven will surely cool your heart this Summer. This Banana Millet cake will boost your health too. Baking is […]

Savory Millet Pudding/Kodo Millet Upma Recipe

Serve this bowl of Savory Millet Pudding on your breakfast table or for a Sunday brunch ,it will never fail to satisfy your taste bud in any way. This Kodo Millet Upma is an one bowl meal for your Summer lunch ,those day when you […]

Spinach-Foxtail Millet with cheese croquette

“Chenna Vada” or Indian cottage-cheese fritters are very common in odiya dish. We odiya use fresh cottage-cheese and prepare croquettes out of it.These croquettes are again used in gravy .I have served these cheese croquettes in my Foxtail-millet-spinach gravy today. So in a way ,this dish […]

Healthy Carrot-Millet Cake /Pearl-Millet Cake

Millets are one of the oldest foods known to humans , the first cereal grain to be used for domestic purposes. Millets are small-seeded grasses which are hardy & grow well in dry zones. This group of highly variable seeded grasses are cultivated throughout the world, […]