Cholar Dal / Bengali Chana Dal Recipe

Cholar Dal / Bengali Chana Dal Recipe

Cholar Dal is an authentic preparation in West-Bengal. A curry which is relished with luchi or kachuri on any celebration day. My granny is a Bengali.The place where I was born has the impact of Bengali culture to the most. Whether it’s food or festival. And […]

South-Indian Masala Vada / Ambode

Call it Ambode or Masala vada ,they are just perfect to match the Bangalore’s murky sky. These crispy spiced fritters are the best to pair with a cup of ginger tea or the south-indian filter kappi .Yeah the coffee is termed as kappi here.  Those […]

Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Gongura pappu / Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Andhra Style Tangy Dal or Pappu is the first thing to be served after rice if you get a chance to devour a traditional Andhra Meal. I came across this dish when I moved to Bangalore after my Engineering. They make many types of Tangy Dal using […]

Dal vada

Dal Vada

These are crispy Dal vada from the street of Bangaluru ,my second home 🙂 These vadas are a popular street-snack from south-India. Those were my favorite evening snack with a cup of chai at Office .I don’t like Maida stuff much ,so these kind of lentil based fried items satisfy me more. The weather is changing and there is a pleasant chill in the air . ” Happiness is in the air, It’s Deepavali everywhere.


Mung bean Pitha-Sandwich

The Festival of Lights is at the door-step .All are busy in cleaning and decorating their house and bloggers are preparing delicious Diwali Festive foods in advance. Diwali is associated with lights and illumination and hence aptly called as the Festival of Lights is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil remembering victory of Ram . For many Hindus this five-day festival honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. First day is Dhanteras ,second day is Choti Diwali and 3rd day is Laxmi Puja.Earthen lamps are lit and firecrackers are burst on 3rd day .

Red bean burger

Red Bean burger with Mustard sauce

Recently I won a contest for my dish Moong-Dalma & i have to concede that i felt like a kid when i received this beautiful cast-iron flat pan as the winning Prize.. I have been already been in love with my skillet which i use regularly to prepare my dish ,now this one is my second love. While one can use this to prepare a crispy Dosa for Breakfast , i thought of making some burger patties on it. And this time i choose a vegetarian option due to this festive season. Yes ,we are celebrating Navaratris ,a festival of…

yellow-dal recipe

Restaurant style Yellow Dal

There is hardly anyplace in India where people won’t recognize this lentil curry. A staple vegetarian dish in every Indian household, dal chawal have become synonymous with home-made food, relished by the young & old in the same contentment. This dish is divergent from place to place ,because the real flavor lies in the tadka that is put into this after boiling the lentils properly.. And if my lunch plate has rice, alo-bharta and moong-dal ,i happily dance with joy. Before i start my plate ,i add mango pickle to this spread & enjoy that simple soul food. I am…