Portuguese dessert

Fios de Ovos with salty black grape sauce , A Portuguese dessert

‘Fios de Ovos’ is a traditional signature dish in Portuguese dessert making made of egg yolks.It is also called Portuguese angel hair often used in fillings and decorations of cakes and other desserts, or as accompaniments for both sweet and savory dishes. The recipe was probably taken to Japan and Thailand by Portuguese explorers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Portuguese food influenced a lot in Goa’s cuisine. Fios de Ovos in Goa is known as ‘Letria’ used to decorate the top of a Halwa made of coconut and cashew nuts .

Pickled Beet-eggs

Pickling is the process of expanding the lifespan of food usually combined with another method, such as fermenting, canning, or just refrigerating. My Granny is a pickle Master ,so as my Mom.This year Mom made around 8 variety of pickle using Mango, king of fruits. The traditional way of making pickle in India takes a lot of efforts in which sun-drying process plays a vital role .Then adding the right amount of freshly grounded spices, mustard oil results a flavorsome pickle to relish throughout the year. In some part of India pickling of Meat and prawn is quite popular. A…