Egg-less Chocolate Cake

Egg-less Chocolate Cake

Note my words..This one is one of the super moist chocolate cake ,gooey and super easy to prepare..And yeah it’s egg-less too ! I am pretty sure that this cake will make your day brighter and happier .And believe me as you start baking this […]

Rasmalai, a Dessert from Odisha.

Rasmalai / Steamed Cheese dumplings in fragrant milk

Rasmalai ,another delicious mind-blowing dessert from Odisha..RASAGOLLA’s Sibling. So before you start making this delicious dessert Rasmalai just keep these lines in mind. “Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more. ~Edward ” It needs a little skill ,a step by […]

Portuguese dessert

Fios de Ovos with salty black grape sauce , A Portuguese dessert

‘Fios de Ovos’ is a traditional signature dish in Portuguese dessert making made of egg yolks.It is also called Portuguese angel hair often used in fillings and decorations of cakes and other desserts, or as accompaniments for both sweet and savory dishes. The recipe was probably taken to Japan and Thailand by Portuguese explorers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Portuguese food influenced a lot in Goa’s cuisine. Fios de Ovos in Goa is known as ‘Letria’ used to decorate the top of a Halwa made of coconut and cashew nuts .


Gujiya / Indian Festive Food

Every little peculiarity of Lord Ganesha’s has a deep spiritual significance .Ganesha’s elephant head symbolizes the immense wisdom while trunk visually depicts a well-developed intellect that arises out of wisdom.The occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi gives us an opportunity to remember what Lord Ganesha stands for.

gulkand-kalakand Recipe

Gulkand kalakand

The purnima (full moon day) of this auspicious month of Shravan is considered even more sacred among . Today it is celebrated as coconut festival or Narali poornima by the fishermen community who offer coconut to appease the fury of the Sea-god before starting a new fishing season. This marks the end of Monsoon too. Marine life breeds during Monsoon.One of the practice in India is not eating fish until Narali Poornima which actually helps to stop over exploitation ,a serious threat to marine ecology. According to the Marine Stewardship Council , the human greed of eating fish for its…


Jalebi/ Indian-spiral crispy dessert

People having that Big Sweet tooth hardly think twice before popping a ladoo or two into their mouth.A lover for sweet can easily be spoilt for choice in this land of sweet. You can notice any traditional meal is incomplete without a sweet dish, that’s how fragrances of sweets are deeply entrenched into the Indian psyche. “Jalebi” which is a fried sweet soaked generously in sugar syrup has no doubt can hit your calorie parameter up but it’s difficult to resist when you come across them . And in some part of the country people even enjoy this at the…

we simple ignore those super-food that our grand-parents been using.Such a super-food is Garden cress seed,that have been recognized for centuries in India.

The Super Food Garden Cress

It is very important to know your food to obtain all the benefits attached & at the same time to satisfy ever-growing quench for hunger. The gulit for eating junk food is always ended with skipping essential meal on the next day. People doing this always have their own logic to explain, many tell they are just doing the balancing job for that extra fat & calories they gulp with a piece of burger , huh !! what a joke .. I am a big fan of Rujuta Diwekar ,who precisely give importance to our traditional food . Don’t follow…