Cholar Dal / Bengali Chana Dal Recipe

Cholar Dal / Bengali Chana Dal Recipe

Cholar Dal is an authentic preparation in West-Bengal. A curry which is relished with luchi or kachuri on any celebration day. My granny is a Bengali.The place where I was born has the impact of Bengali culture to the most. Whether it’s food or festival. And […]

Chickpea Sundal/Healthy Chickpea Snack

Chickpea Sundal/Healthy Chickpea Snack

This Chickpea dish is popularly known as Sundal .This is a Must at home for any puja during the festive season.It’s a savory preparation with Chickpea. A snack which is super healthy and delicious too. Chickpea Sundal is a south-Indian preparation with very minimal spices.I have skipped mustard […]

Sukha Kala Chana Recipe

Dry Black Chickpea/Sukha Kala Chana Recipe

Sukha Kala chana or Dry Black Chickpea is one of such food which can be relished as a snack or as a side-dish. To make it more appetizing, sprinkle lemon juice, add chopped coriander leaves and fresh green chili to it.In no time a tea-time snack will be ready. This […]

Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Gongura pappu / Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Andhra Style Tangy Dal or Pappu is the first thing to be served after rice if you get a chance to devour a traditional Andhra Meal. I came across this dish when I moved to Bangalore after my Engineering. They make many types of Tangy Dal using […]

Chicken Ghee Roast

Chicken Ghee Roast

Are you looking for a spicy ,aromatic yet lip-smacking dish to impress a Chicken lover.Here I am with Chicken Ghee Roast for you. Chicken Ghee Roast is robust. Rich in spices that fried in clarified-butter. This dish origins from a small town Kundapur, close to Mangalore. […]

Bengali fish curry.

Bengali Fish Curry / Tilapiar Jhaal ,A guest post

Here is the second post in Guest post series which i have started few months back. Inviting bloggers to your page is such a lovely concept which helps to spread the love for food among bloggers. Today my Guest is Gorgeous Chandrima Sarkar ,a self taught home-baker & a successful food blogger at her page “Not Out of the Box” . Apart from food photography ,i just love her sketches which she shares on Facebook time to time.She is an Artist in true sense. And She is a tandori maniac for which she blames Delhi’s rich mughlai cuisine . Few…

Kadai Paneer

 Paneer Kadai is a very popular dish of North-India which is part of every restrurant menu.Be it Delhi or Punjab the first count is a paneer dish if you thinking to have a vegetarian meal .They really make delicious soft homemade paneer. I remember those days in winter having hot smoky paneer tikka with green mint chutney at Delhi roadside Dhabas.A total Bliss!