Chicken Ghee Roast

Chicken Ghee Roast

Are you looking for a spicy ,aromatic yet lip-smacking dish to impress a Chicken lover.Here I am with Chicken Ghee Roast for you. Chicken Ghee Roast is robust. Rich in spices that fried in clarified-butter. This dish origins from a small town Kundapur, close to Mangalore. […]

Minced Chicken is yet another quintessentially Parsi dish.They eat kheema in breakfast ,lunch and diner ,the flavor of the dishes achieved with minimal usage of spices always.

Minced Chicken with runny Eggs / Kheema per Eeda

A lesser-known Parsi cuisine in other part of India has got it’s popularity in the city of Mumbai. The first ever memory of any Mumbaikar is often visiting an Irani café sampling keema-pao ,berry palao or enjoying bun-maska with a cup of Irani chai. The Parsis are an immigrant community, possibly coming from Persia whose cuisine is midly spiced balancing the various flavors , a mixed palate of sweet ,sour and spicy. The culinary techniques much involved are steaming and baking, apart from the usual frying and broiling techniques.They settled chiefly in Mumbai and few can be found in Kolkata…

Pahadi Chicken

Smoked Lemon Pahadi Chicken

Be it language, culture or food ,there is an essence of diversity in pahadi cuisine followed by Gharwal & Kumoin region of North-India. Firstly you will be impressed by the rustic aroma of their dishes when it will be served at table, it has an unique gastronomy owing to its use of ingredients and ways of preparation. They use very minimal spices ,fresh ingredients & most importantly they cook with so much love which results a palatable meal always. Earlier i shared Gharwai style Chicken curry soon after my trip to Lansdowne, Uttrakhand. This dish is very easy to make…