Vietnamese Iced Coffee / How to make Cold Brew Coffee

We need everything cold in Summer. Cold soup ,Cold salad ,cold chaat & then Cold brew Coffee !

I came across cold brewing method in Monika Manchanda’s post. As you know I am always fascinated by traditional ways of cooking & knowing the science behind it ,the urge of trying this cold brew coffee pinched me as soon as I finished reading her post .

Tea is always my first love & it will be . Still I don’t mind having a filter coffee with a crispy dosa at my breakfast table. The same way this cold brewed coffee managed to impress me which is just so perfect to beat the heat. And you can make at home & enjoy with your families. weekend is here ,why don’t you give it a try ?

All you need is a good blend of coffee with  no chicory & a bit of foresight .A different extraction method is followed in cold brew method.The steeping time is around 12 hour here. But this is rewarding and easy way to achieve a single origin iced coffee at home.Cold Brew contains less acid than when you use hot water. Hot water cooks as it extracts, causing a change in chemical structure in coffee .

But if you ask me the Caffeine amount in this method ,may be the count is more compared to conventional hot method.So this concentrated brew is used with milk or ice-cream to make delicious desserts.

But the effects of caffeine are quite personal ,all depend on our individual tolerance.For your knowledge caffeine is extremely stable during the roasting process.There is hardly a difference between a light & dark roasted Coffee.

I made a Vietnamese version of cold coffee using condensed milk yesterday.You can try regular o

ne with toned milk.

You can just make this cold brewed coffee decoction and store it in refrigerator for a week.Good thing is it won’t loose it’s taste unlike the hot one.But remember to store it in an air-tight container .

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Course drink
Prep Time 12 hour
Course drink
Prep Time 12 hour
  1. Step coffee powder in cold water in the refrigerator for 12 to 14 hour. filtered it and Collect the decoction.
  2. Take two glass, add condensed milk .Add ice cubes and Coffee decoction as per your taste. Mix and serve.Vietnamese Iced Coffee is ready.
  3. If you are not using condensed milk ,add milk and sugar as per your taste.
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