Mango Smoothie / Summer Drink Recipe

Mango, crowned as king of fruits is a Summer Charmer. With the mercury level rising up these days ,this Mango Smoothie will act as a life saver . It’s hearty & filling , never fail to quench your thirst. The natural cycle of produce is perfectly […]

Peanut Cookies

These Peanut Cookies are crisp & melt in mouth. In just 20 minute you can bake some delicious bites for a Summer afternoon. Baking cookies is an essential part of this Summer holiday season .Allow your kids to bake some warm cookies for this Mother’s […]

Eggless Muffins / Basic Buttermilk Muffins

These Eggless muffins are the basic one using buttermilk.I am not a person who will prefer Muffins on breakfast table regularly.But  did for some days when in Munich. I remember the day when I came back to India , packed few from the airport too […]

Summer Tortilla Roll-Ups

Summer Tortilla Roll-Ups / Chicken Salami Roll-Ups

This uber easy Tortilla Roll-ups are just perfect for your Summer days. An easy make ahead appetizer that can be a time-saver on a busy working day . If you are worried for a Summer Party ,then I can assure you these little roll-ups gonna […]

Potato Fritters Recipe / Aloo Pakoda Recipe

It was a Summer afternoon having it’s own beauty .The sky seems to be different giving a prospect of rain .And with that sight , my sister asked me to prepare some hot pakoda or fritters to munch with a cup of filter coffee. what […]

Baked Meatball Farfalle / Baked Meatball Pasta Recipe

Pasta is the second most favorite dish of my sis on the earth after chocolate. And I act as an indulgent sister when she demands.  To pamper her more ,I love to bake the dish with loads of cheese. Baked Meatball Farfalle is such a dish to impress […]

Lentils with Moringa Leaves/Book Review

You want to sip a cup of tea with some music playing in your background  on a summer long day ,but suddenly the thought “what to cook for the lunch ?” starts peeping in your mind. It just happen with many when you are alone ,enjoying […]