Moroccan Orange Cake

Moroccan Orange Cake

Moroccan Orange Cake is a perfect Tea-Cake that you can pair with a cup of Tea or Moroccan spiced Coffee . You can also serve this Moroccan Orange Cake with Orange Marmalade syrup as a Dessert after meal. Moroccan food is incredibly diverse. Moroccan cooking is revered […]

Chili-Mango Pickle

It’s time to quench your thirst with king of fruits “mangoes” .I just love it in any size & form. It’s such a versatile fruit which can be paired to many.Mango season starts before spring on the arrival of green-mangoes in local market. It’s a […]

Banana Millet Cake

Banana Millet Cake

I simply can’t ignore my family’s predilection for banana-cake. To make it more healthier ,I added jowar flour to it. A fresh baked cake straight from the oven will surely cool your heart this Summer. This Banana Millet cake will boost your health too. Baking is […]

Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst ..I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink.

Berry Slushy Recipe

Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst .. I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink .And making this Berry Slushy at home is super easy ! You need JUST 5 minutes to prepare this colorful summer […]

Vietnamese Iced Coffee / How to make Cold Brew Coffee

We need everything cold in Summer. Cold soup ,Cold salad ,cold chaat & then Cold brew Coffee ! I came across cold brewing method in Monika Manchanda’s post. As you know I am always fascinated by traditional ways of cooking & knowing the science behind it ,the […]

Mango Smoothie / Summer Drink Recipe

Mango, crowned as king of fruits is a Summer Charmer. With the mercury level rising up these days ,this Mango Smoothie will act as a life saver . It’s hearty & filling , never fail to quench your thirst. The natural cycle of produce is perfectly […]

Peanut Cookies

These Peanut Cookies are crisp & melt in mouth. In just 20 minute you can bake some delicious bites for a Summer afternoon. Baking cookies is an essential part of this Summer holiday season .Allow your kids to bake some warm cookies for this Mother’s […]