Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

Kodaikanal  is referred as the “Princess of Hill stations” and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. The place Kodaikanal was established in 1845 as a refuge from the high temperature is secludedly situated around 2100 meters above sea level.

This beautiful hill station falls on the southern peaks of Palani hills.I went this place few days  after i returned from Copenhagen to Bangalore.March,2012 I started this wonderful trip by KPN sleeper bus. Beyond my expectation, it was quite comfortable .I enjoyed a good sleep too!!

Early morning 6.30AM we reached Kodaikanal. We were picked up by our resort guy .Within 10minutes we reached our Beautiful Resort “Villa Retreat”that’s in the natural cliff of Coaker’s Walk.Its the only one resort in that place which has such a beautiful breathtaking view.

I was feeling top of the world while having a sip of tea with the eye catching view,It was amazing!! 🙂

The botanical garden is just a few steps from the Resort Gate.And at the end of the Garden you will be lead to the beautiful Lake.One can take a walk or take a bicycle ride.Many couples were enjoying their two seater bicycle.We went for a boat ride in the lake. A picturesque moment..Captured few with the help of my D-SLR .

One can easily notice tibati market near the lake,selling a variety of woolen stuff.I did some shopping and was little cheaper too.

Kodai is a very small place and a noise free place.Only few cab you can notice,else people over here use bi-cycle or love to walk.By 7 PM it became a silent place as i guess by that time the local people have their diner.

After 7 PM ,we both played carom-board at our resort to kill the time.Of-course I won 🙂

Next Day We covered Dolphin Nose view point.It was 3 km from the resort and we preferred for a walk to that point.

The last 1 km was quite  rocky with lots of up and down in the hill.I didn’t find any clue why it is called  dolphin nose instead of something else nose!!

It was only a flat huge stone from where you can catch a good view.It was not a cloudy day as the day before.So we felt little tired  by that time and took a cab to resort.

After a delicious lunch,we covered some other tourist attraction ,this time used a cab. Next we moved to Pillar Rock park from where one can see a group of two huge steep cliffs, almost 500 feet high from the ground level! Several caves have been found between as well as below them.

Than we went pine forest.In the evening we took a walk in the coakers walk enjoying the sunset.I liked this place the most. we didn’t get the forest pass to go to Berijam Lake,Our bad luck!!

Third-day we started early from kodaikanal to Madurai by a cab.It was a sunny day.Climate was too hot in madurai. We got a nice darshan in the temple and our cab dropped us at kodai-road.Our return journey to bangalore was by train from kodai road.