Sukha Kala Chana Recipe

Dry Black Chickpea/Sukha Kala Chana Recipe

Sukha Kala chana or Dry Black Chickpea is one of such food which can be relished as a snack or as a side-dish. To make it more appetizing, sprinkle lemon juice, add chopped coriander leaves and fresh green chili to it.In no time a tea-time snack will be ready. This […]

Keema Guguni Recipe

Kolkata Style Keema Guguni Recipe

Hello, September.The convivial fragrance of Durga Puja fills the air.The most awaited festival for a Bengali.I can never overcome the nostalgia for my days spent in the city of joy, Kolkata during Puja last year. This Keema Guguni has all that charm to revive that. […]

South-Indian Masala Vada / Ambode

Call it Ambode or Masala vada ,they are just perfect to match the Bangalore’s murky sky. These crispy spiced fritters are the best to pair with a cup of ginger tea or the south-indian filter kappi .Yeah the coffee is termed as kappi here.  Those […]

Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst ..I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink.

Berry Slushy Recipe

Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst .. I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink .And making this Berry Slushy at home is super easy ! You need JUST 5 minutes to prepare this colorful summer […]

Potato Fritters Recipe / Aloo Pakoda Recipe

It was a Summer afternoon having it’s own beauty .The sky seems to be different giving a prospect of rain .And with that sight , my sister asked me to prepare some hot pakoda or fritters to munch with a cup of filter coffee. what […]


Tawa-Paneer is to be made on an Iron Tawa (Iron flat skillet) to get it perfect.But you can always use a replacement for the same if not available. Tawa-Paneer is easy to prepare.Perfectly balanced with spices .It goes perfect with rice or bread. Even the left-over […]