A major portion of our country’s population resides in the villages. Garli is such a postcard perfect village of India in secluded helmets of Himachal. A charming village which is not at all uncomfortably popular.

The day (8th May) was so hot when we started around 8 AM from Delhi with our thunder-bird.After breakfast at Murthal the heat was even more .Sugarcane juice ,water couldn’t save us.After a 3 hour break at a resort in Ambala ,we resumed our journey to Garli.

It’s advisable to reach Garli before evening as the last 30 KM from Amb is really steep Ghat road with blind curves. But at 7 PM we could only reach Amb. 🙂

Route : Delhi – Panipat – Ambala – Chandigarh-Una-Amb-Garli (440 km)

Few things to remember while you are driving on Ghat Roads

  • Be patient while overtaking , just don’t take a chance if you won’t have enough room and visibility for safety.
  • Honk at blind curves specially when you driving in daylight and lets other know your presence and give you room to pass safely.
  • Give way to uphill traffic ,that’s very important
  • If you are following a bus or a truck than just maintain a distance of at-least 200 meter

It’s obvious in India that you will see many road-users driving with blatant disregard of traffic rules , so be careful and don’t waste your time teaching them the rules.You can’t change their mindset.

Reaching Garli may need an extra effort, yet the rewards are dazzling. Your eyes will thank you.

As you enter this village you are welcomed by elegant havelis old-wooden mansions and few himachali houses which lie alongside streets paved with dressed cobbled stone. A tiny pond in-between make it even more picturesque. Around 100 years ago when few businessmen decided to build houses at Garli to work in Winter , they made a foresighted village with all futuristic requirements like schools,hospital,Veterinary hospital,electricity etc.


An Old-Building

From architectural point all houses are different and have their own mark.Out of them the most beautiful Haveli was builtt by Rai Bahadur Mohan Lal ,a classic example of Rajasthani Architecture.



People are simple , helpful and have developed a bond with mother-nature .They know that cleanliness is next to godliness.

This heritage village welcomes all who comes to spend holidays with promises of laidback days and cheery evenings.

In the endeavor  of locals Garli  retains its unique character, panchayats preserve their heritage buildings and advise on new construction. Several heritage structures are now being restored using original techniques but with modern facilities to facilitate tourism.

One of such heritage building where we spent our night is Naurang Yatri Niwas was originally built in 1922 by Rai Bahadur Mohan Lal to facilitate the stay for the Lt Governor of Punjab to attend the wedding of his daughter. Later the building was used as a sarai-ghar for travellers. Mr Atul ,grandson of Rai Bahadur who revamped this building into a heritage resort in 2013 with all modern amenities.




As we reached there , our dinner was ready by the Himachali family who works there as caretaker.

After that delicious food we crawled into the bed and retired for the night.



Next Morning , i woke up early and went for a walk alone.Road was empty and few boys playing basketball in the school playground which is just opposite to our Resort.

That school was built in 1918 by Rai Bahadur .As i moved further i saw a small temple left side of the road and soon I found someone is following behind me. Oh! it’s a cute dog who was there with me for that two hour village tour. 🙂


I was impressed to see that school has WIFI campus and they educate a girl child proudly as they do for a boy.

After breakfast we started our journey towards Jwala Mata temple , stay tuned  for the story 🙂
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