Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst ..I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink.

Berry Slushy Recipe

Are you craving something refreshing to quench your thirst .. I have a solution to that, Prepare this berry slushy that makes a perfect summer drink .And making this Berry Slushy at home is super easy ! You need JUST 5 minutes to prepare this colorful summer […]

Lentils with Moringa Leaves/Book Review

You want to sip a cup of tea with some music playing in your background  on a summer long day ,but suddenly the thought “what to cook for the lunch ?” starts peeping in your mind. It just happen with many when you are alone ,enjoying […]

Dahi Bhalla Chaat / Street-food Of India

Take a walk across shabby lanes in North-India, this Dahi Bhalla Chaat makes its presence felt everywhere.After the most popular Panipuri or Gupchup ,if there is one thing in street-food that India thrives on,it is a plate of damned delicious chaat. Dahi Bhalla Chaat, a […]

Easy Mango Pickle ,an Art of Pickling the king of fruits

Easy Mango Pickle ,an Art of Pickling the king of fruits

Pickling ,an art to preserve food is considered as a 4000 year old process in India while the Mesopotamians started making them way back in 2400 B.C.E. The term ‘pickle’ comes from  German ‘pekel’ meaning brine or salty water. Today sharing an easy Mango Pickle recipe […]


Mung bean Pitha-Sandwich

The Festival of Lights is at the door-step .All are busy in cleaning and decorating their house and bloggers are preparing delicious Diwali Festive foods in advance. Diwali is associated with lights and illumination and hence aptly called as the Festival of Lights is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil remembering victory of Ram . For many Hindus this five-day festival honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. First day is Dhanteras ,second day is Choti Diwali and 3rd day is Laxmi Puja.Earthen lamps are lit and firecrackers are burst on 3rd day .


Edible Night-Jasmine

Parijata, also known as GangaShiuli in Odiya & Night Jasmine in English is Lord Krishna’s favorite flower. Strangely blooms at night and by dawn can be found where it has fallen – atop leaves or on the grass…it is also known as tree of sorrow ,may be due to silent shedding of flowers like tear drops. The sweet smell swiftly overwhelms me when i saw the white carpet of these beautiful flowers lying on grass every morning . Oh such a lovely sight !! In our culture this flower is also used for adornment of women ,they make beautiful ornaments…

Fish Curry

Coriander Fish Curry

This curry will surely satisfy your hunger pangs if you love this aromatic herb Coriander. This is one of the world’s oldest spice tracking back to 5000 B.C. Apart from the leaves & dry seeds, the roots of the coriander plant has more intense flavor when added to your curry. And in Indian cuisine it’s widely used to garnish the dish at the end which adds antioxidants and vitamin K to your plate. In this curry i have used fresh leaves & stems at the same time .And the best thing is this dish makes your life so easy as…