All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

~Walt Disney~

The word Nrityagram, literally translated, means “dance village,”and in founder, Protima Gauri’s own words,

“It is a community of dancers in a forsaken place amidst nature. A place where nothing exists, except dance. A place where you breathe, eat, sleep, dream, talk, imagine – dance. A place where all the five senses can be refined to perfection. A place where dancers drop negative qualities such as jealousy, small-mindedness, greed and malice to embrace their colleagues as sisters and support each other in their journey towards becoming dancers of merit.”

Protima at the age of 26 dedicated her Life to Odissi dance and dreamt of creating Nrityagram.As a result of her pious dedication the institution had taken root, inaugurated on May 11, 1990, by the then Prime Minister, V.P. Singh.

I have heard many times  about Nrityagram before visiting it.Dancers from this Gurukul performs all over the world.As i born and bought up in a small town of Orissa,so i have always an attraction towards my own culture and dance.On 13th July,2013 me and my husband started our journey with our Thunderbird.As it is 52km from my place ,so we took a good breakfast at home and started around 11AM.

Route: Bellandur—>K R Puram–>Hebbal–>BEL circle–>Doddabyalkere–>Silvepura–>Nrityagram

By 12.15 we reached the place.Nrityagram and Taj kuteeram are just opposite to each other.There is a board at the entrance of Nrityagram where timings and entry fee details are written.An entry fee of Rs.50 is taken per head.It is opened 10AM-2PM everyday except Sunday.Sunday its closed for visitors.

A temple at the entrance ,depicting the image of kelucharan Mohapatra in a dancing pose attracts every visitor.As we entered the dancing village ,soon we heard the beautiful Odissi song.At the reception, we gave our details and took two tickets.

The complex is designed in vernacular architecture of the region.Luckily we got the chance to see the dance of 3 gems,Surupa Sen,Bijayini Satpathy and pavithra Reddy.The 15minutes act was enchanting beautiful.How gracefully they were speaking through dance in the rhythm of Oddisi song .We were so delightful by their engrossing dance

Near to that Surupa house was there.The large expanse of granite on the roof with several pillars is left exposed.A wide dinning hall was there.Than we followed the windy flowery path.Beautiful huts are there for guest to stay.we came across than lynne fernandez’s house  who became the Managing Trustee of the institution since 1997.

Many students were there who were practicing and others were watching their steps.Gurus and students work in the fields within the Nrityagram, which has 10 acres of land, and grow their own food. Over the years, only Odissi gurukul has been functional due to paucity of funds.

Soon we finished our tour and at the reception,collected our belongings.How can one miss the food at Taj Kuteeram!! As heard before the food was awesome 🙂 .only Lunch buffet you can find there.After grabbing a nice homely food, we spent some time on the roof of the restaurant. I took some pics of the ducks which were breaking the silence by their quacky sound.


In our return journey we went to Hessarghata Dam ,but it was completely dry.I bought some fresh vegetables from the village which were cheaper too as compared to our metro price.Really strange driving only 40km from the city, one can get vegetables at almost half the price.By 6PM we were at home but still discussing about the beauty of Nrityagram.