Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa

Today is Mahalaya, the day when Navaratra starts. It seems to be a Monsoon festive celebration this year.Almost every day it’s raining.And you can only crave for some crispy keema samosa with your afternoon tea. Samosa is a popular street-food in India.The crispy pastry stuffed […]

Keema Guguni Recipe

Kolkata Style Keema Guguni Recipe

Hello, September.The convivial fragrance of Durga Puja fills the air.The most awaited festival for a Bengali.I can never overcome the nostalgia for my days spent in the city of joy, Kolkata during Puja last year. This Keema Guguni has all that charm to revive that. […]

Sprig Bhut Jolokia Sauce

Pesto Rice Noodles | Sprig Bhut Jolokia Sauce

These simple and healthy Spicy Rice Noodles will satisfy your taste buds. And if you love spicy food, then you gonna fall in love with this.  These colorful spicy Rice Noodles are just so perfect to impress your loved one.You might have scared a little […]

South-Indian Masala Vada / Ambode

Call it Ambode or Masala vada ,they are just perfect to match the Bangalore’s murky sky. These crispy spiced fritters are the best to pair with a cup of ginger tea or the south-indian filter kappi .Yeah the coffee is termed as kappi here.  Those […]

Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Gongura pappu / Andhra Style Tangy Dal

Andhra Style Tangy Dal or Pappu is the first thing to be served after rice if you get a chance to devour a traditional Andhra Meal. I came across this dish when I moved to Bangalore after my Engineering. They make many types of Tangy Dal using […]