Lentils with Moringa Leaves/Book Review

You want to sip a cup of tea with some music playing in your background  on a summer long day ,but suddenly the thought “what to cook for the lunch ?” starts peeping in your mind. It just happen with many when you are alone ,enjoying your own space.I just love such days when I am […]

Chicken Burger Recipe

Chicken Burger , the name will surely tingle hunger pangs among kids. To make it a substantial meal, a succulent chicken piece is wrapped  with sliced onions, lettuce , sauces etc. Sometime in your long Shopping day ,this is the best thing to grab . This always happen to me whenever I am with my sister […]

Savory Millet Pudding/Kodo Millet Upma Recipe

Serve this bowl of Savory Millet Pudding on your breakfast table or for a Sunday brunch ,it will never fail to satisfy your taste bud in any way. This Kodo Millet Upma is an one bowl meal for your Summer lunch ,those day when you don’t want much oily stuff in your plate. I am […]

Dahi Bhalla Chaat / Street-food Of India

Take a walk across shabby lanes in North-India, this Dahi Bhalla Chaat makes its presence felt everywhere.After the most popular Panipuri or Gupchup ,if there is one thing in street-food that India thrives on,it is a plate of damned delicious chaat. Dahi Bhalla Chaat, a dish that nails just about every bliss point. It comes closer […]

Haydari, a Turkish Yogurt Dip

Turkish cuisine, which is mostly the heritage of Ottoman cuisine is one of the most appetizing cuisines of the world. This cuisine has a long deep rooted past giving a delectable melange in gastronomic delights. While you can find many lip-smacking spreads and dips to pair with pita bread or meat kebab , Haydari is […]

Summer Prawn-Mango Salad / Recipe under 10-minute

Welcome back to another Mango Recipe ,summer Prawn-Mango Salad .Believe me ..”Mangoes and Prawn can never go wrong together”.The spiced coated prawns with lemony-olive mangoes and crisp mint leaves make for a colorful riot of flavors and textures.To me Summers are made for salads. It’s weekend time , the changing weather convincing us that Spring is the […]

Easy Mango Pickle ,an Art of Pickling the king of fruits

Pickling ,an art to preserve food is considered as a 4000 year old process in India while the Mesopotamians started making them way back in 2400 B.C.E. The term ‘pickle’ comes from  German ‘pekel’ meaning brine or salty water.Who doesn’t have those carefree childhood memories watching granny making varieties of pickles at the arrival of Mangoes […]

Chennapoda ,The Indian Cheesecake

Cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece .With the Roman conquest of Greece, the secret fell into Roman hands. The Roman name for this type of cake became “placenta”. They were also called “libum” by the Romans which was a sacrificial cake .It was offered to household spirits during Rome’s early history. But […]

Spinach-Foxtail Millet with cheese croquette

“Chenna Vada” or Indian cottage-cheese fritters are very common in odiya dish. We odiya use fresh cottage-cheese and prepare croquettes out of it.These croquettes are again used in gravy .I have served these cheese croquettes in my Foxtail-millet-spinach gravy today. So in a way ,this dish is a complete healthy meal . Millets are healthy and […]